Welcome to the website for the Church of God International - South Carolina...


From our local meeting times and locations, to information for the Feast of Tabernacles, as well as links to information and resources for the Church of God International...we will share all of the details on this website.

First, a little information about us. We are the local congregations of the Church of God International. Our home office is located in Tyler, Texas. We are a Sabbath keeping group and we also observe the Holy Days, the Appointed Festivals, as given in Leviticus 23. Our groups are small in numbers but we faithfully come together each Sabbath in worship and fellowship.

We currently meet in two separate locations in the state of South Carolina, Santee and Summerville. We alternate between the locations. Currently, we schedule to meet in Santee twice each month and in Summerville once per month, unless it is a five Sabbath month. One Sabbath per month we have no scheduled local service. We are the only CGI congregation(s) in South Carolina. 

We try to keep our schedule for services up-to-date with our meeting times and locations, but would encourage anyone who would like to visit with us to contact us through email or a phone call in the event there may have been an unforeseen, last minute change to the schedule. We do our best to avoid this from occurring, but at rare times circumstances such as weather or the availability of our meeting facilities sometimes dictates such a change. Our local contact information is provided below. We do welcome visitors!

Mike Nolen, local elder  843-761-5211  tmnolen@homesc.com

Gene Morris, local Host  843-899-2572  papamorris@homesc.com


To contact the home office in Tyler, Texas or to access the variety of resources available, please use the "CGI" link at the top of the page.